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When consumers buy our hazelnuts, they know they are getting local, high-quality products they will be happy with time and time again.

As one of the only large-scale local producers of hazelnuts in Canada, we are proud to help local farmers sell their hazelnut products to local consumers. Our dedicated and highly experienced team members ensure that all of the hazelnuts processed by us maintain a consistent quality that we can be proud of.

Supporting the community by keeping our product local.

We like to think of the Fraser Valley as a small community. That is why we work hard to help our fellow local hazelnut producers get their products to local customers. By helping farmers get their products out onto the market, we can ensure that consumers are able to shop locally and that they will receive high-quality products every time.

Why buy Our Hazelnuts?

At Fraser Valley Hazelnuts, we are proud to provide a selection of hazelnut products—roasted kernel, raw kernel, and in-shell—that are produced, processed, received, washed, and dried at our Fraser Valley facility. All of our products are grown by local, BC-based farmers who we know are providing us with excellent quality hazelnuts. By completing each step in our process onsite at our local facility, we are able to maintain a higher level of consistency with our products. We are also able to ensure that the consumers in our communities are receiving the best hazelnut products at competitive prices.

hazelnut farm in winter
How we Operate.

During harvest time, growers send their hazelnuts to our facility straight from the field. Once they arrive at our facility, they will be run through our washing line and loaded into one of our 11 dryers, which can hold around 10,000lb each. Thoroughly drying the hazelnuts after they have been washed will remove as much moisture from each nut as possible, ensuring that the hazelnuts will taste fresh for longer.  Once the nuts have been dried, in-shell products are sent to packaging and then to the market, while other products are sent to cracking, roasting, and then to packaging before being placed on the market.

What to Expect.

Each type of hazelnut will go through the following steps every time: harvesting, washing, and drying. These steps involve getting the product off the farm, into our facility, and cleaned and dried so that they are ready for packaging or the next steps.

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