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At Fraser Valley Hazelnuts, we are proud to provide individual consumers, farmers markets, restaurants, and other businesses with high-quality hazelnut products they will love. No matter what type of locally grown hazelnut products you are looking for, we will make sure you receive your products on time and at competitive prices.

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Locally Grown Fraser Valley Hazelnuts

We provide a locally produced product for local consumers. All of our hazelnuts are grown and produced in BC, and our dedicated team works hard to make sure every order is something we can be proud of. We know that our customers deserve the very best. That is why we ensure they will receive consistently high-quality hazelnuts every time.

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Hazelnut Products In Chilliwack, BC

As a family owned and operated business, we understand how important it is to provide families and businesses throughout BC with quality products they will be proud to serve. We are also committed to revitalizing the hazelnut industry in BC by helping local farmers get their quality products to local customers quickly and efficiently.

As a family, we have proudly grown and produced hazelnuts in the Fraser Valley since 2016.

Just like our hazelnuts, our family grew up in the Chilliwack area.

We offer bulk orders of our delicious hazelnuts for restaurants and businesses.

We work hard to ensure that all of our hazelnuts meet the highest industry standards.

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